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The Vegas Pool Guys sizzle reel 2020
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This is an unscripted reality TV show about two best friends (Tim and John)

     that own and operate one of the largest  pool companies in Las Vegas.

                              These best friends built this company from the ground up, making it the number one pool company in Nevada. 

The name of this company is GreenCare.  They have advertisements on cars, trucks and billboards all over Las Vegas showing the company's catchy          advertising phrase: “WE BUILD POOLS”.  Greencare is made up of all of their friends and family

After Tim and John have been approached for the past 10 years to have a reality show, they have finally decided that now is the time.

There is such a diverse group of characters and personalities that make up this company.

It is so entertaining dealing with the staff that some customers just stop by to say hi.  There are over 50 employees.  Out of all of these employees, we have  6 main cast members or main characters in which deal with the rest of the 44 employees as they deal with the every day business; new builds, customers, custom and crazy pool projects and builds.   Every episode is different and entertaining. 

You never know what will happen on any given episode.  They are hilarious, inspiring and emotional. 

Every episode always ends with a message and something to look forward to in the next episode. 

This is a show for everyone.  It’s real. real, real real.   

The Vegas Pool Guys.jpeg

                                                                                    A  HILARIOUS, EMOTIONAL AND INSPIRING REALITY TV SHOW FOR EVERYONE



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